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Our Teamspeak -

Server Rules

- No  Voice  in  side chat ,this will lead to a kick/ban.
- No killing in safezones! (Cop HQ's & Rebel Outposts)
- NO Racism, this will lead to an immediate 24 hour ban, NO exceptions.
- We do not tolerate high levels of swearing on our server, if you are caught using bad language, you will be given 3 warnings which then if you continue, you will be kicked and then banned if necessary!

Random Death Matching (RDM)

Random Death Matching is when you are killed when no Role Play has been initiated.
- You cannot kill anyone without first initiating Role Play and allowing them a chance to follow your instructions.

- You cannot kill anyone who has tried to kill you without initiating Role Play. Allow yourself to die as it will help Admins punish the correct person.

Vehicular Death Matching (VDM)

Vehicular Death matching is when you use a vehicle as a weapon to kill or cause someones death.

- You cannot use your Vehicle as a weapon (This includes repeatedly knocking people down).

- You cannot ram your Vehicle at an excessive speed into another vehicle or building.

- Desync can happen and we are aware of this. If you kill someone by accident please contact them asap and offer to compensate them if they need it.

New Life Rules (NLR)

New Life Rule is to be followed when you are killed in a legitimate manner. Random Death Matching (RDM) and Vehicular Death Matching (VDM) are not classed as a legitimate kill.

- You are not allowed to return to within 1km of your body in the event of your death for 15 minutes.

- If your death was within a town you are not allowed to respawn in the town of your death for 15 minutes.

- You will be given a new life so all your past crimes are forgotten.

- You cannot seek revenge against the person who caused your death.

- If you manually re-spawn using the in game menu it is not classed as a new life.

- You must forget any Role Play you were associated with when you were killed.

- Police are bound to a 0 minute NLR when there are 5 or less cops online and a 15 minute one otherwise. Police can spawn back in the town when they were killed in but they cannot leave the police HQ for the duration of NLR.

Safe Zones

- Police HQ's

- Medic Stations - Hospitals.

- Rebel Outposts

* NOTE * Attacking these zones, such as robbing and killing is not allowed without an Admin's permission.
The best way to get this permission is to hop in Teamspeak and discuss your plans with an Admin.

Exploits, Hacks and Cheats

An exploit, hack or cheat is where you get something within the game which is not following the design of Altis Life. This includes the following.

- Duplicating Items or Money.

- Bugging into crates!

- Spawning in Vehicles, Items or Money.

- Executing scripts manually.

- Using items which entered the game using a hack.

- Bugging Bodies After they're Dead.

- Abusing Bugs or Glitches.

Bannable Offences

- Admin's may ban people who think is bad for the community.
- Hacking
- Cheating 
- Exploiting 
- Being kicked 3 or more times.
- Racism 



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